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The Geyser Gazer Sput

December 1987 - December 1998

Compiled by David Monteith


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The Sput is a bi-monthly publication of the Geyser Observation and Study Association. The following index of the Sput covers the first issue, December 1987, through the last issue of volume 12, December 1998. Back issues of the sput are available through the GOSA Store which can be contacted at

The index is in two parts. The first part is an index of Sput articles, authors, illustrations and non-geyser information. The second part is an index of geysers and thermal features. Items are indexed by Volume Number (v), Issue Number (n) and Page Number (p). Some of geyser reports of particular interest are denoted by (*) [Note: Only volumes 1, 2, 3, 10, 11 and 12 use the (*) notation. I have yet to finished adding the (*) notation the other volumes].

Where possible, the geyser names and un-named geyser (UNNG) notation used in this index are from The Geyser of Yellowstone, Third Edition, Bryan, T. Scott, University Press of Colorado, 1996.

The Following abbreviations are used in the index.

Article, Author and Picture Index

(Volume Number / Issue Number / Page Number)

Address Changes   v6n1p4
Adams, Ansel (Quote)   v5n2p9
Amedee, California   v4n6p47
AmFac   v10n2p2, v10n4p9
Antique Show   v10n2p2
Archives, YNP   v12n1p4
Auburn Hot Springs, Wyoming   v5n1p5
Aquifex Genome   v12n3p13
Aurum Geyser   v5n1p4
Austin Hot Springs, Wyoming   v4n5p39
Autry Museum Exhibit   v11n4p8
Avalanche at Heart Lake   v11n2p3
see also   Hutchinson, Dustman, GOSA President's Letter
Avalanche vs Oblique   see Yellowstone Place Names

Backcountry Management Plan and Environmental Assessment   v8n2p7
Bank, Dave   v11n2p5
Barker, Rocky   v6n6p57
Baselines For Geyser Heights   v12n2p11
see also Measuring Geyser Heights
Basin Passer (Poem)   v9n1p9
Correction   v9n2p2, v9n2p8
Batteries, Rechargeable   v8n2p4
Bellingham, Mary Ann   v8n4p10, v12n4p5
Bellingham, Randy   v10n4p6
Berger, Bob   v8n2p4, v8n2p9, v8n3p11, v8n4p10, v8n5p10, v8n6p2, v8n6p11, 
v9n1p8, v9n2p8, v9n2p9, v9n3p13, v9n4p9, v9n5p12, v9n6p8, 
v10n1p4, v10n2p10, v10n3p8, v10n4p6, v10n5p6, v10n6p4, 
v11n1p8, v11n2p12, v11n3p14, v11n5p7, v11n6p3, v12n1p4, 
v12n1p7, v12n2p3, v12n3p3, v12n4p5, v12n5p4, v12n6p4
Berger, Bob and David   v11n4p6
Beowawe, Nevada   v3n5p40, v3n6p49, v5n1p3, v7n1p7
Request For Research Help   v3n6p50
Bison Death in Scalloped Spring v10n2p5
Bison Death in South Scalloped Spring   v8n2p2
Bison Injury   v8n3p6, v9n3p12
Bisquit Basin Boardwalk   v4n3p19
Blowholes, Pacific   v8n1p4
Boardwalks   v6n3p24, v8n3p6, v8n6p2
Bottle Rock Research Facility, California   v5n1p5
Audubon Magazine   v4n2p16
The Beowawe Geysers, Nevada Before Geothermal Development   v7n2p14
Bulletin 2067: Monitoring of thermal activity in southwestern 
Yellowstone National Park and vicinity, 1980-1993   v8n4p2
Controls On Geyser Periodicity   v7n6p45
Death In Yellowstone   v8n5p6
Earth Magazine Article    v6nsp22
Excelsior Geyser (Montana Magazine)   v4n2p16
Geothermal Hotline   v4n2p16
Geysers: What They Are And How They Work   v3n2p17, v4n6p45
Gold an Other Minor Elements Associated With the Hot Springs and 
Geysers of Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, Supplemented 
with Data from Steamboat Springs Nevada
Lesser Known Thermal Features   v3n4p35
National Geographic (Modification of Geyser Definition)   v6n6p56
Old Faithful Geyser at Calistoga   v6n5p47
Quick Reference Guide to National Geographic 1955-mid 1990   v4n5p40
Roadside History of Yellowstone National Park   v3n6p51
Tapping The Earth's Natural Heat   v8n6p2
USGS Geyser Publications   v3n5p41
Wonderland Nomenclature   v3n4p34
Yellowstone Collector, The   v8n4p10
Yellowstone Place Names   v3n2p17
see also Reviews
Bower, Gordon   v9n1p2, v9n3p12, v12n1p7
Bower, Nancy   v9n5p10
Bower, Robert   v12n1p1, v12n1p8