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One of the tenets of the non-profit Geyser Observation and Study Association (GOSA) is the dissemination of information about geysers. To this end, GOSA publishes the GOSA Transactions. The transactions consist of juried articles concerning both scientific and observational research studies involving geysers and geyser fields around the world as well as geyser histories.

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Volume VIII, 2003 [Abstracts] [Ordering Information]

Page Author Title
4 Compiled by T. Scott Brian Dr. Donald E. White — A GOSA Memoir
12 Marie Wolf The Early 1970s Rejuvenation of the Daisy Geyser Group - Overview of activity from 1971 through 1973
31 Alan Glennon and Rhonda Pfaff The Extraordinary Thermal Activity of El Tatio Geyser Field, Chile — A Special Report
79 Will Moats A Statistical Analysis and Comparison of the Activity of Old Faithful Geyser, September-October 1996 and June-July 1997
86 photos by Pat Snyder, Tara Cross, Mike Newcomb; historical summary by T. Scott Bryan Butterfly Spring — A history and photo montage of its major eruptions in May 2003
90 T. Scott Bryan The Geyser Hill Wave, April 9 to June 9, 2003
92 Tara Cross The Major Activity of Link Geyser in 2002
96 Tara Cross Fan and Mortar Geysers in the Summer of 2002, April 20 to November 3
106 T. Scott Bryan On the Changing Eruptive Activity of Artemisia Geyser — An historical perspective
111 Mike Keller Geyser Activity in the Myriad Group - Upper Geyser Basin, Yellowstone National Park December 1998 through March 2001
124 Jeff Cross, Carlton Cross, and Tara Cross The Discovery and Activity of “Phoenix Geyser, ” 1995-2002
126 Jeff Cross, Tara Cross, and Carlton Cross Geyser Activity at Shoshone Geyser Basin - 1988-2002, with update notes into July 2003
150 Jeff Cross, Tara Cross, and Carlton Cross The Activity of Glade Geyser, 1997-2002
152 research by T. Scott Bryan Mysterious Names from early Interpretation in Yellowstone: Who Were Frank R. Oastler and Joseph G. Hawkes?
157 T. Scott Bryan Mud Pots and Geysers Near Niland and Salton Sea, Imperial County, California — An Update, and a Story of Research and Exploration
176   About Contributors to the Volume

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