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Historically, outside of Yellowstone the next three largest concentrations of geysers, in order of size, are found on the Kamchatka Peninsula - Dolina Geizerov- , New Zealand and Iceland. Kamchatka's geysers are isolated, hard to get to and thus have been protected. New Zealand and Iceland because of teir lack of other resources have put the geysers and hot springs to use generating electricity and supplying heat. Many of the geysers on these two islands have died as a result. Because of this, Iceland falls to fourth on the list of geysers behind Chile.


Geysir in Eruption

Geysir Geyser:

[Geysir Geyser Description provided by Eric Hatfield.]

Here's a nice picture of Geysir, on a very rare sunny day in Iceland.

Geysir has given its name to all other geysers. It was the first geyser widely known - first written about in 1294 by an english monk.

Geysir has not played on its own in decades. Note the soap all over the place, and the large crowd that came to see it when induced.

Geysir erupts from a circular 8 ft. vent in the middle of a circular 60 ft. shallow pool, on top of a huge mound.

According to my understanding, an eruption begins as boiling over the vent, which turns into massive (very very wide considering the size of the vent) bursting which last 30 minutes or more. These bursts reach 60 or even 100 ft. The pool level is maintained during this time.

Then the amazing part happens. This activity has no analog in Yellowstone that I know of. The bursting from a full pool ends abruptly, and the pool drains completely (with whirlpool?) as fast as the water can fall into the vent. Everything is left high and dry, and all is quiet for a minute or two. Then . . .

POW! The eruption begins again in cone type fashion, in an instantaneous rifle shot to great height. This very narrow and enormously powerful jetting reminds me of a Beehive/Steamboat hybrid. Heights over 200 ft. are common, and the tallest I saw record of was 90 meters! Induced eruptions (like this) are significantly smaller than natural ones.

The picture is of this cone-type phase, at the very beginning I believe.

The water gradually runs out, and the water column is replaced by a high pressure steam column. The steam phase is very powerful, and lasts several hours.

This picture is taken from the top of a small hill, several hundred feet away from the geyser. Note the empty crater (60 ft. across) and the tiny tiny person at its edge. Comparison with these two things puts the height around 200 ft. Also note that the pinnacle of this jet is definitely still on the rise.


New Zealand

Lady Knox Geyser in New Zealand. This is actually an artificially induced geyser. It was determined years ago that the hot spring that is the source for the geyser, could easily be induced into erupting by controlling the water level of the spring. The geysers cone is also an artificial construct.

Diamond Geyser

Diamond Geyser, New Zealand

Champagne Pool, New Zealand

Champagne Pool, New Zealand

Lady Knox Geyser, New Zealand



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