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Rare and Historical Photographs

 Compiled by Jeff Cross

 Abstract:  Photographs and descriptive text are provided for several of the lesser-known geysers of Yellowstone. These geysers are either rare, are difficult or impossible to access today, or have been dormant for decades. These photographs and text provide a unique record of their activity.


 Activity of North Goggle Geyser During 2012

 By Demetri Stoumbos

 Abstract:  North Goggle had a year of high activity beginning on February 12, 2012, continuing through the summer, and having its last observed eruption of the year on October 9, 2012. It was found that North Goggle is intimately related to Lion Geyser, having eruptive series of minor and major eruptions during, or immediately following one of Lion. An intricate, yet regular, pattern of fill cycles was also observed.


 Botryoidal Spring: A Summary of Activity from 1996 to 2013

 By Stephen Michael Gryc

 Abstract:  Botryoidal Spring, located in the lower White Creek thermal area of the Lower Geyser Basin, underwent a dramatic change in 1996 when it began erupting explosively and frequently. This paper summarizes eighteen years of observation of Botyoidal Spring with a listing by year of the geyser's average intervals and durations. A complete log is given for the author's two and one-half hour observation of Botryoidal Spring on June, 30 2013. Note is also taken of other geyser activity in the lower White Creek area seen during the same observation.


 The Development of Hydrothermal Features at Rotomahana after the 1886 Tarawera Eruption – A Historical Review

 By R.F. Keam and E.F. Lloyd

 Abstract:  No comprehensive, nor even any extensive, description of the post–1886–eruption development of surface geothermal activity in and around the Rotomahana Crater has previously been prepared, and what is presented here does not pretend to remedy such an omission. However, we do assemble at least an outline history of surface geothermal features of this area of New Zealand, and this has revealed where the greatest gaps in the story remain.


 The Role of Near-Surface Water Movement in the Initiation of a Geyser Eruption

 By Jeff Cross

 Abstract:  Hypotheses are proposed to explain geysers that erupt in series, have sympathetic eruptions, or exchange function.


 Applying New Evidence to Old Data: The Case for Previously Undocumented Eruptions Of Morning Geyser in 2006, 2007, and 2012

 By Tara Cross

 Abstract:  Many source materials about Yellowstone's geysers state that Morning Geyser did not erupt between its brief active phase in April 1994 and its reactivation from dormancy in June 2012. This article presents evidence for seven previously undocumented eruptions of Morning Geyser in 2006, 2007, and 2012 based on analysis of Morning's eruption patterns using electronic and visual data from October 2012 through October 2013.


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