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Transactions VIII

Dr. Donald E. White — A GOSA Memoir

Compiled by T. Scott Bryan

Editor’s Introduction: I first met Dr. White while working as a Ranger-Naturalist at Yellowstone’s Norris Geyser Basin during the summer of 1974. On one highly educational day I assisted him and his USGS field partner, Manuel Nathanson, on an all-day spring depth and temperature survey. I ws fortunate to also accompany him on several field trips in Yellowstone as well as during a formal mapping project of hydrothermal explosion breccia deposits east of Fishing Bridge.

In later years, Dr. White provided me with copies of numerous reports and publicaions, as well as a complete set of the USGS “Thermal Maps” that were produced during the 1960s. He strongly promoted all levels of education about geysers. In the course of several personal letters written to me, he encouraged my international geyser research and also, in writing, provided the positive review that convinced Colorado Associated University Press (old name) to publish the first edition of my The Geysers of Yellowstone , in 1979.

I feel privileged to have known Dr. White, at least a little bit, and believe there could be no better memorial in his honor than to publish the follow two items that bear on the preservation of geysers. The first is a Memorandum, typed on U.S. Geological Survey letterhead but intended for a New Zealand audience. The second is the text of a talk (and short question-answer session) he presented in New Zealand. In both articles, text that was underlined for emphasis by Dr. White is underlined here; hand written comments that he inserted into the copies he gave to me are inserted, in place within brackets.

The Early 1970s Rejuvenation of the Daisy Geyser Group - Overview of activity from 1971 through 1973

Marie Wolf

Abstract: With the exception of two brief episodes of action in 1968, the geysers of the Daisy Group were dormant from February 1961 until July 1971. This paper provides a record of the detailed observations that were conducted during the first three summers of this rejuvenation.

The Extraordinary Thermal Activity of El Tatio Geyser Field, Chile — A Special Report

Alan Glennon and Rhonda Pfaff

Abstract: El Tatio Geyser Field (locally known as Los Geiseres del Tatio) is located within the Andes Mountains of northern Chile at 4,200 meters above mean sea level, 150 kilometers east, southeast of Calama, Chile. With over 80 active geysers, El Tatio is the largest geyser field in the southern hemisphere and the third largest field in the world, following Yellowstone, USA, and Dolina Geizerov, Russia. From March 19-21, 2002, the authors visited the geothermal field to inventory the geysers and their behavior. Of over 110 erupting springs documented, more than 80 were identified as true geysers and an additional 30 were perpetual spouters. Despite reports that geyser activity occurred only in the morning, no abatement in activity was observed at any time within any part of the field. Although the observed activity was vigorous, eruptions commonly reached less than one meter. Of the erupting springs cataloged, the mean spouting height was 69 centimeters. Of the true geysers cataloged, the eruptions averaged 76 centimeters. El Tatio Geyser Field contains approximately 8 percent of the world’s geysers.

A Statistical Analysis and Comparison of the Activity of Old Faithful Geyser, September-October 1996 and June-July 1997

Will Moats

Abstract: Many large and spectacular geysers at Yellowstone’s Upper Geyser Basin increased their eruptive activity between late-1996 and mid-1997, but whether or not Old Faithful Geyser participated in this change has not been considered. A statistical study of Old Faithful’s eruption height, interval, and duration was undertaken to investigate possible changes. In summary, although other geysers in the Upper Geyser Basin may have increased their activity over this time frame, Old Faithful did not.

The Major Activity of Link Geyser in 2002

Tara Cross

Abstract: Major eruptions by Link Geyser, the most significant geyser

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