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One of the tenets of the non-profit Geyser Observation and Study Association (GOSA) is the dissemination of information about geysers. To this end, GOSA publishes the GOSA Transactions. The transactions consist of juried articles concerning both scientific and observational research studies involving geysers and geyser fields around the world as well as geyser histories.

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GOSA TRANSACTIONS Volume I, 1989 312 pages
Geysers Active in 1988. Activity in the Spectacle/Round Complex, Winter 1988/1989. Diurnal Activity of Beehive Geyser. The Lion Geyser Group. Observations of Anemone Geysers. Cascade Geyser Reactivates. Grand Geyser Complex, Summer, 1978. New Activity for Key Spring. The Grotto Geyser and Giant Geyser Group. Description of Giant Geyser Eruption, September 12, 1988. Activity of Link Geyser During 1983. Fan and Mortar Geysers. Fan and Mortar Geysers in 1988. Notes on Slide Geyser. Report on Fantail Geyser and Ouzel Geyser. A Possible Indication of the Internal Cavity Configuration of Fantail Geyser. Eruption Characteristics of Silver Globe Group Vents. Eruptive Behavior of Till Geyser. Eruptive Patterns of Great Fountain Geyser. The Gemini Geyser Complex. Norris Geyser Basin and Fall Disturbance, August 1974. Activity in the Whirligig Complex, 1985. A Norris Explosion Crater Update. The Heart Lake Geyser Basin, Report and Investigation. Hot Springs of the Northern Part of the Shoshone Geyser Basin. Recent Geyser Activity at Steamboat Springs, NV. An Historical Overview of the Beowawe, NV Geysers. The Geysers of Mexico, a Summary.

GOSA TRANSACTIONS Volume II, 1990 154 pages
Geysers Active in 1989. “Monarch of All These Mighty Wonders”, Tourists and Yellowstone’s Excelsior Geyser, 1881-1890. Activity of “Carapace” Geyser. A Short Study of Jewel Geyser, 5-16 August, 1989. Investigations of Patterns of Minor and Major Activity of Steamboat Geyser, 1982-1984. A Summary of the General and Geothermal Geology of the Long Valley - Mono Lake Region, Mono County, California. Activity of Valentine Geyser and Other Related Features. The Sentinel Group: Historical Perspective and Present Day Activity. Narcissus Revisited. The Cold Water Geysers of Utah 1: Observations of Woodside Geyser. The Cold Water Geysers of Utah 2: Observations of Crystal Geyser. Description of Valley Hot Springs, Beowawe, Nevada, 1972-1986.

1991, Video: “DOLENA GEIZEROV” and 52 page report: “The Geysers of The Valley of Geysers”

Kronotsky National Biosphere Preserve, Kamchatka Peninsula, USSR Discovered in 1941, and fully explored for the first time in 1951, this remote region was visited by a GOSA expedition from June 28 through July 9, 1991. Nearly 90 truly astounding geysers are described in words, pictures, tables and a large, fold-out map. Includes a one-hour video that shows the many unusual, amazing thermal features on steep terrain in a lush setting. The narrated video and book vividly describe the second largest geyser field on Earth, which is truly awesome! Bryan

GOSA TRANSACTIONS Volume III, 1992 186 pages
Yellowstone Geysers Known Active in 1990. Report on Geyser Observations, 3-18 August, 1990. The "Big Cub-Lioness-Beehive" Connection. “Mugwump”- How and why the name was applied to Three Crater Geyser, Three Sisters Springs. Major Geyser Activity in the Round Spring Group, May 25-26, 1990. Notes on Fluctuations in the Runoff from Spiteful Geyser. Jewel Geyser Update - 1990. Whistle Geyser, Black Sand Basin, Observations of July 18, 1991. Activity of the Fountain Geyser Complex [1990]. 1991 Activity of Morning Geyser and other Features in the Fountain Complex: Part I, May 4 and 5, 1991; Part II, July 4-7, 1991; Part III, August 9-29, 1991. Pinto Geyser in History: Its “Arsenic”, “Twentieth Century”, and “Fireball” Alter Egos. Will the Real Arsenic Geyser Please Stand Up? Eruptive Activity by Black Pool, August 15, 1991. Notes on Buried Geyser, Lone Star Geyser Basin. Observations at Shoshone Geyser Basin, July 17-18, 1991. Hot Springs of the Central Part of the Shoshone Geyser Basin. On the Modern Identity of Three Historic Hot Spring Names, Heart Lake Geyser Basin. A Brief Update about United States Geyser Localities other than YNP and Umnak Island, Alaska. Geyser Activity on the Beowawe Terrace, Beowawe, Nevada: an Historic and 1980's Summary. The Geysers of Umnak Island, Alaska. A Bibliography of the Geysers of the World, excluding the United States. Geyser Eruption Angle, Form and Frequency as a Function of Geyser Age. Annual basin-Wide Disturbances Along the Firehole River - A Very Speculative Thought.

GOSA TRANSACTIONS Volume IV, 1993 222 pages
Yellowstone Geysers Known Active in 1992. Cyclic Hot Spring Activity on Geyser Hill - Graphical and Interpretive Descriptions of the Geyser Hill Wave, Diurnal Effects, Seasonal Disturbances, Random (Chaotic?) Events, and Earthquakes. Evidence for the Geyser Hill Wave and Diurnal Effects on Geyser Hill During the 1980’s. Why Mortar is Fan: An analysis of the History of the Fan and Mortar Geyser Complex. Fan and Mortar Geysers in the Summers of 1991 and 1992. Activity in East Sentinel Geyser, 1991 and 1992, with Historical Perspectives. Atomizer Geyser and its Major Intervals: July-August, 1985, with notes on changes since 1985. Jewel Geyser: 5August1992 and 27September1992. A New Look at the Fountain Group. Geyser Springs, Gibbon Geyser Basin - Historical and Current Observations. A Visit to Joseph’s Coat Springs, Coffee Pot Hot Springs and "Fairyland Basin". Visitors to Yellowstone Hot Springs Before 1870. Mickey Hot Springs, Harney County, Oregon- Observations of March 27-29, 1992. The Discovery of Kamchatka's "Valley of Geysers".

GOSA TRANSACTIONS Volume V, 1994 208 pages
Notes on a Cleanup of Blue Star Spring. Plume Geyser: History and Recent Changes. Goggles Spring and North Goggles Geyser - a Comparison Between Eruptive Episodes in 1985 and 1993. History of the Round Spring Group. Daisy Geyser: Possible causes of variations in activity. Grotto Fountain Geyser - Grotto’s “Indicator”. Activity in the Fountain Geyser Complex, During 1991 - a Series: Fountain Geyser, Jet Geyser, UNNG-FTN-2 (“Super Frying Pan”), Twig Geyser, “Bearclaw Geyser” (“Twig’s Satellite Vents”), Spasm Geyser, Clepsydra Geyser. The Kaleidoscope Group, Activity from 1989 through 1991. Column Spouter as a True Geyser - a Completely Quiet Interval and Bursting Eruption in July 1992. Veteran Geyser, 1991-1992. The Geysers of Iceland- a Summary from November 1993. Geyser Activity at Nakama Springs, Savusavu, Vanua Levu, Fiji - Historic and Modern Observations. The Geysers of New Zealand - a Summary.

GOSA TRANSACTIONS Volume VI, 1998 250 pages
A Photo Display. Patterns in the IBEs of Giantess Geyser. Pre-Eruptive Behavior of Oblong Geyser. Probablistic Geyser Gazing: Sprinkler Geyser 1992-’95. The Rotorua Geothermal Field NZ: Geysers in New Zealand. Massive Regular Bubble Production by Botryoidal Spring During Aug.1996. The Location of Oblique Geyser. Notes on “Pocket Basin Geyser”. “A Pronounced Weakness for Geysers”: Early Geyser Gazers in Yellowstone. A View form Fountain Overlook Jul.-Aug.1994. Beehive’s Indicator Geyser, The “False Indicator” Series of Early July 1994. Pyramid Geyser, Sep.-Oct.1995, Sep.-Oct.1996. The Explosive History of Wall Pool and Black Opal Pool in Biscuit Basin. Jewel Geyser as the “New Handkerchief Pool”. Minor Eruption by Castle Geyser, Interval and Durational Relationships, May 25-Jun.16, 1995. Sentinal Meadows and Flat Cone “Geyser”. Discovery of the 1926 Old Faithful Nature Trail Manuscript and a Discussion of the Implication for Hot Spring Researchers. Recorded Observations of Thermal Activity at Shoshone Geyser Basin, 1988-’97. Excerpts from “A Vagabond in the Yellowstone”, Oct 11, 1915. Splendid Geyser in 1985-‘86. Hillside Geyser in West Thumb. Giant Geyser: the Giant Eruption of Sep.15, 1995. Observations of Flood Geyser in 1983-’84. A Non-Linear Perspective on the Dynamics of Yellowstone’s Plume Geyser. Excursion to the Kamchatka Geysers.

GOSA TRANSACTIONS Volume VII, 2002 195 pages
Old Faithful Geyser’s Lengthening Intervals. Old Faithful Geyser’s Cone: A comparison between 1871 and 1984 photos. The Geyser Hill Wave in 2002. The 20th Century History of Giant Geyser. Eruptive Activity in the Purple Pools Complex. Startling Geyser — Photos of a rare eruption. Fan and Mortar Geysers in 2001. Slide Geyser, Upper Geyser Basin, 1974–2001. Geyser Activity North of East Mustard Spring. 2002 Update on Activity in Biscuit Basin. Fountain Geyser: Electronic Monitoring Results. Norris Geyser Basin in 1974. A Mysterious Old Lantern Slide: New Crater Geyser by an Unknown Photographer. “Resurgent Geyser,” Potts Hot Spring Basin. Geysir Aroused by Earthquakes in June 2000, Iceland. Geyser Activity at Rotorua, New Zealand. New Zealand Geysers, Waikato Region. Crypto–geysers at Waimangu, New Zealand. Size Comparisons of the World’s Major Geyser Fields.

GOSA TRANSACTIONS Volume VIII, 2003 178 pages
Two papers by Dr. Donald E. White — A GOSA Memoir. Early 1970s Rejuvenation of the Daisy Geyser Group — A GOSA Memoir. El Tatio Geyser Field, Chile — A Special Report. Statistical Analysis of Old Faithful Geyser, 1996 versus 1997. Major Eruptions of Butterfly Spring — A history with several contributed photographs. The Geyser Hill Wave, April to June, 2003. Major Activity of Link Geyser in 2002. Fan and Mortar Geysers in 2002. Changing Eruptive Activity of Artemisia Geyser. Geyser Activity in the Myriad Group, December 1998 through March 2001. Discovery and Activity of “Phoenix Geyser”. Geyser Activity at Shoshone Geyser Basin, 1988–2003. The Activity of Glade Geyser, 1997–2002. Who Were Oastler and Hawkes? Mud Pots and Geysers near Salton Sea, California.

GOSA TRANSACTIONS Volume IX, 2005 198 pages
The Geysers of Lake Bogoria, Kenya Rift Valley, Africa, a Special Report. Photographs Remembering Vitalii A. Nikolayenko, a GOSA Memorial. Monthly Interval Variations by Beehive Geyser and Vicinity, Summer 2004. The Relationship Between the Timing of Rift Geyser Eruption Starts and the Length of Grand Geyser’s Intervals. Fan and Mortar Geysers in 2003. The Eruptive Patterns of Atomizer Geyser, an Historical and Quantitative Examination. The Birth of “Aftershock” Geyser. Recent Activity of “Secluded” Geyser (UNNG-PMG-4), Upper Geyser Basin. Hot Spring Activity of the Pine Springs Group, Upper Geyser Basin. The Lower White Creek Group Since 1996. The Bimodality of Bead Geyser, Pink Cone Group, Lower Geyser Basin. Geyser Activity in the Kaleidoscope Group, Lower Geyser Basin, 2003-2004. Geyser Activity of Taurus Spring and Water Fluctuations in the Orion Group, Shoshone Geyser Basin, Yellowstone National Park. Geyser Activity at Heart Lake Geyser Basin, 1993-2003. A Visit to Smoke Jumper Hot Springs, Yellowstone National Park. Southern California’s “Soda Springs” and “Oh My God Hot Spring”, another possible mud pot locality near the Salton Sea. Geology of the Soda Dam Travertine Deposits, Sandoval County, New Mexico. Geysers in Bolivia, a Summary of Possibilities. The Operation and Geography of Carbon Dioxide-Driven, Cold Water Geysers. A Guide to Making Proposals for Place Names of Thermal Features in Yellowstone National Park, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming (a National Park Service document).

Recent Changes in Geyser Activity at Loburu, Lake Bogoria, Kenya Rift Valley. The Short Active Period of “Improbable Geyser” October-November 2005. The Behavior of the Grand Group During the Summers of 2005 and 2006. The Activity of Giant Geyser August 2005-April 2008. Novel Methods for the Analysis of Grotto and Giant Geysers in the Years 2000 through 2007. Changes in the Minor Activity of Geysers Prior to a Major Eruption. Baby Daisy Geyser Activity in 2003-2004. Flood Geyser – Patterns Over Time. Activity of Excelsior Geyser, September 14-16, 1985. Observations of “Underhill Geyser” in the Lower Geyser Basin. Narcissus Geyser Eruption Patterns June 27-July 31, 2005. Geyser Activity in the Upper, Midway, Lower, Gibbon and Lone Star Geyser Basins, and Other Thermal Areas, Yellowstone National Park, 1988-2006. The Number of Geysers in Backcountry and Undeveloped Frontcountry Thermal Areas in Yellowstone National Park.

Terra Cotta Complex. West Triplet and Rift Geysers, Grand Group, Upper Geyser Basin, 2003-2008. Events at the Daisy Geyser Complex, September 8, 1997. Fan and Mortar: A Summary of the 2000-2005 Active Phase and Details from 2004 and 2005. Ragged and Jagged Springs at Black Sand Basin: July 2008. Green Spring Erupts: July 6, 2008. Black Diamond Pool Erupts, May 17, 2009. Additional Information About the 1985 Eruptive Episode of Excelsior Geyser. Wild Phase Activity by Great Fountain Geyser. Summary and Analysis of a National Park Service Geyser Activity Report for Summer 1919. The Land of Wonders: Promenade in North America’s National Park. The Activity of Several Backcountry Geysers as Determined Through Automatic Data Logger Studies. A Model of a Geyser that Erupts in Series. Periodicity of an Underwater Geyser Varying with Tide. The Effect of a Constriction on the Function of a Model Geyser.

Thermal Activity Change on Geyser Hill in October 2009. Activity of Beehive’s Indicator in 2009. The Behavior of the Grand Group During the Summer of 2009. Activity of Fan and Mortar Geysers 2007 - 2011. Black Diamond Pool Eruptions 2006 – 2011. Twelve Hours in the Life of White Dome Geyser. A Brief History of King Geyser, West Thumb Geyser Basin. The Number of Geysers in Yellowstone National Park. The Short Life of Mickey Geyser, Mickey Hot Springs, Harney County, Oregon. Geyser Activity at Mickey Hot Springs March 23, 1991. Crystal Geyser, Green River, Utah: A Summary of Observations from 1972 – 2008. Geyser Activity at the Crystal Geyser. Crystal Geyser Observations in 2000. Observations of Small Model Geysers with Variable Plumbing. The Significance of Violent Steam Phases.

Rare and Historical Photographs. Activity of North Goggle Geyser During 2012. Botryoidal Spring: A Summary of Activity from 1996 to 2013. The Development of Hydrothermal Features at Rotomahana after the 1886 Tarawera Eruption – A Historical Review. The Role of Near-Surface Water Movement in the Initiation of a Geyser Eruption. Applying New Evidence to Old Data: The Case for Previously Undocumented Eruptions Of Morning Geyser in 2006, 2007, and 2012.

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